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TekNekk - The Ultimate Parental Remote-Control App APK

TekNekk protects your child's spine, mind, and safety with 7 amazing features!

Teknekk is the world’s first Parental Remote-Control App that protects your child’s mind, spine, and safety! Top Rated National© Child Protection App. Download app for free and enjoy our Instant Screen Timeout feature. Upgrade to Premium at any time to experience the full set of Teknekk parental tools.

Phone Set-Up Instructions

Teknekk App is available on Google Android (iPhone coming soon). While the child’s phone must be an Android, the phone is controlled by accessing the Parental Remote Control Website from any electronic device (Android, IOS, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

1. Download the Teknekk app for free on the parent’s Android phone*
2. Download the Teknekk app for free on the child device you want to supervise
3. Follow the set-up instructions for parent and child phones.
4. Access the Teknekk Parental Remote Control Website ( to supervise and control your child’s device

*Parents without an Android device can skip step 1 and follow step 2.

App Features

Instant Screen Timeout (Always Free) - Turn off your child's phone (like a remote control for your TV) with the touch-of-a-button. No more grappling and fighting over the phone!

Instant Screen Timeout Scheduler - Set appropriate days and times for your child to use his/her phone. Have you ever tried to get your child to put the phone away when they should be sleeping, studying, or enjoying family time?

Text-Neck Prevention - This feature automatically adjusts the child’s phone screen from visible to “black-out” and back, forcing the child to view the phone at a healthy postural angle for his/her neck and spine.

PG13 Content Prevention This feature reduces exposure to inappropriate content and situations encountered while browsing either by accident or curiosity. Parents may block apps, gaming apps, and undesired websites.

Where's My Kid? - Imagine being able to know where your child is at any time, instantly! This feature shows you your child’s exact GPS location with Google Maps.

No Teen Texting While Driving - This feature blocks your teen’s phone screen when the vehicle is in motion. Teens can still make emergency phone calls and use Apps like Maps or Waze while driving.

Easily hide the App on the child's phone

With the App Hide feature you can finalize the setup by hiding the app from your child’s phone, preventing the child from adjusting the settings or deleting the app altogether.

Use all features from the Parental Remote Control Website.

Access the Parental Remote Control Website ( from the parent’s app or from any device from anywhere in the world to control your children’s smartphones.


Do I need to install Teknekk on my own device? No, the app may be installed only on the child devices you wish to supervise. However, we strongly recommend parent’s with Android devices to download the App on their own device for ease of use and installation.

Can I get locked out of my parent’s phone? This would only happen if activating a tool on the parent’s phone rather than the child’s phone. You can unlock any feature and any device from the Parental Remote Control Website at

What’s the difference between Free and Premium Plans? Download is always free and allows you to use Instant Screen Timeout Feature. You can upgrade to the Premium plan at any time to unlock the full set of parental features.

What is the pricing for premium? See Pricing options at

Do you offer support?

For questions about the setup process, please visit
For questions about Using the app, please visit and go over the parental features
For any other inquiries and suggestions, please contact us at

Notice The TEKNEKK app uses the Device Administrator Permission.


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