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UpdatedNov 02, 2015
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Tell Me Lucky Time is an astronomical lucky time prediction application.

Tell Me Lucky Time is a lucky time prediction app that use "Au-Bar-Kong's Times" (ยามอุบากอง in Thai) astronomical algorithm which is very popular in Thailand.

Lucky time prediction used in this app is a Thai-Myanmar algorithm called "Au-Bar-Kong's Times" which can predict a lucky time to do something or go to somewhere. It is based on Astronomy.

==How to use==
Insert a day of week and time and then click "Predict!". That's all!

For lucky time indicator details and full history click "About This App" button.

"Au-Bar-Kong" is a Myanmar warlord who brought Myanmar armies to attack Thailand's Chiang Mai city in 1797 A.D. (more than 200 years ago). Au-Bar-Kong was been captured and sent to Bangkok. Thailand's King Rama I of Bangkok inquired Au-Bar-Kong and found that he is a Thai not a Burmese. He was born in Thai. His mother is a Thai, but his father is a Burmese. Thus, the King Rama I had an order to imprison Au-Bar-Kong instead of killing him.

When Au-Bar-Kong and his armies was imprisoned, he taught his armies "Au-Bar-Kong's Times". In 1802 A.D., Au-Bar-Kong and his armies used "Au-Bar-Kong's Times" to predict a lucky time and then they pulled a jailbreak and go back to Myanmar. Some of them didn't escape, and teach Thai prison offices the algorithm. "Au-Bar-Kong's Time" was inherited from generation to generation, and now it is a very popular lucky time prediction algorithm in South-East Asia, especially Thailand.

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