Tello Vision 1D APK

Computer Vision and 1D Follow Me for DJI Ryze Tello drone (SDK mode)

Version1.0 (7)
UpdatedMay 21, 2020 (8 months ago)
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Experience real-time object detection and person tracking with your little DJI Ryze Tello Drone.
"Tello Vision 1D" allows 1D person tracking making Tello rotate as the detected person moves. It can even rotate to search for persons than follow them.
If more than one person is detected it follows persons' horizontal positions barycenter.
It records 960x720 video at 30 fps in mp4 format (without detection boxes overlay).
With "Tello Vision 1D" test your smartphone capabilities in real-time object detection. Inference time must be less than 100 ms and won't work properly on older smartphones.
Have fun!!!

Tello Vision 1D Quick Guide

a. Drone connection
a0. Power on your Tello (and the wifi extender if present)
a1. Put your smartphone in Aero mode
a2. Activate Phone wifi and connect to Tello (or extender) wifi

b. App Setup and Video management
b0. Start Tello Vision 1D
b1. Read and give ok to the Safety Warning
b2. Press 1.COMM to connect the App to Tello
b3. Press 2.VIDEO to start video live preview and recording
After a few seconds live view will appear on the screen
b4. Press VID OFF to stop video recording at the end of the flight

c. Tello Takeoff and height setting
c0. Press 3.TKOFF to Takeoff
c1. Press GO UP/GO DWN and STOP to set Tello vertical position
c2. Press LAND when you need to land

d. Autopilot modes
d0. SPOTLIGHT: Tello rotates to center detected person position
d1. FOLLOW: Tello rotates to center and goes back/forward to mantain setpoint distance wrt detected person
d2. ORBIT: Tello orbit around detected person
d3 PROFILE: Tello translates left/right to center and goes back/forward to maintain setpoint distance wrt detected person
d4. SEARCH: used with SPOTLIGHT/FOLLOW/ORBIT puts Tello in rotation until a person is detected.
d5. PARTY: Tello mission is to find persons and take pictures of them

e. Flight Results
e0. Recorded Videos are saved on the DOWNLOAD phone folder
e1. Selfie and autosaved pics are saved on the PICTURES phone folder
e3. Press STATS to see some object detection and tracking statistics

f. Person Avoidance System
f0. Press GO CCW and rotate Tello toward the desired cruise direction
f1. Press STOP or GO CCW again to stop Tello Rotation
f2. Press GO FWD* to move Tello forward.
f3. If Tello detects a person at less than 3m Tello slows down and starts to avoid the person
f4. Press STOP or GO FWD* again to stop Tello.

Have fun!

What's New

Added Estimated Distance Stats

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