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Track temperature, understand your body! You can use automatic or manual input

Version2.10.77 (9)
UpdatedAug 04, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperMedM Inc
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MedM Temperature is a body temperature diary. The mobile app is free, has no ads or in-app purchases, works with or without registration, and allows users to either record measurements manually or upload them automatically from compatible Bluetooth-enabled thermometers.

This app is especially useful for keeping track of fever during an illness. All users can view measurements history and trends in graphs. Data can be recorded and viewed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

If used offline and without registration, the app will keep all data stored directly on the device. For registered users, MedM Temperature makes it possible to create separate profiles for different family members and backup all data to the MedM Health Cloud. Users also have the option to share their body temperature measurements with doctors or family, as well as export the data to Google Fit and Apple Health.

Disclaimer: MedM Temperature (or any other mobile app) cannot give a mobile phone or tablet the functionality of a thermometer. MedM Temperature can only be used to record body temperature measurements received from a medical, electronic, smart or other thermometer.

MedM is the global leader in the number of supported smart thermometers:
AndesFit Thermometer
Avita NT16
BLT Bilight Temp Sitter
Body Metrics Performance Monitor
Body Metrics CheckMe/CheckMe Pro
Cosiniss One
Cosiniss Degree
DigiO2 ETH-102
Forа IR20
Forа IR20 BLE
iChoice T1
IndieHealth Thermometer
iProven EH-828 BT
J-Style JC-B004
Jumper JPD-FR302
Medxing Temp
Philips DL8740
Radiant THW7N
Rycom JXB-182
SyberCare Smart baby Thermometer
TaiDoc TD-1107 Smart
TaiDoc TD-1241
TaiDoc TD-1242
TaiDoc TD-1261
TaiDoc TD-1035
Tech-Med HW-HL020
PIC ThermoDiary EAR
PIC ThermoDiary HEAD
Viatom Performance Monitor
Viatom CheckMe/CheckMe Pro

The whole list of MedM Connected devices is available on the company’s official website: https://www.medm.com/sensors/

MedM - Enabling Connected Health!

What's New

New Bluetooth Thermometers supported:
* AndesFit Thermometer
* IndieHealth Thermometer
* TaiDoc TD-1242
* Tech-MED HW-HL020

Email: support@medm.com

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