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Surat AlMasad AlNasar AlMaun AlQuraish AlAsar AlQariah AlAlaq AlTin free islamic

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This Islamic application contains 10 small surahs of Quran Karim. They are helpful for reciting during Salat ( Five Time Namaz ) as these Surahs are short and can easily be memorized. These 10 surah taken from last 30 Juz of Quran. These 10 surah hold the importance for every Muslim across the world. People can learn these Surahs and understand message that they enclose. Now Muslims, especially the Muslim kids, can learn these Surahs to perform in their prayers. Quran Arabic text is synchronized with each reciting ayah.
This app contain the Sura of Quran as Follow:
Surat Al Masad / Al Lahab
Surat Al Nasar / Al Nasr
Surat Al Maun
Surat Al Quraish
Surat Al Asar
Surat Al Qariah / Al Qaria
Surat Al Alaq
Surat Al Tin
Surat Al Zalzalah
Surat Al Lail

10 Surahs Application provides both Arabic and Roman English pronunciation of Tajweed (Elocution) of Surahs along with the English and Urdu translation of all the Verses.
The most important use of these Surah’s:

1. Better offering of Salat i.e. you have more options to recite different surahs in distinct Rakaat’s of
2. The app helps you in learning translation of the small 10 Surahs and creating a better understanding
of Quran.
3. 10 Surahs are very useful for kids as they are short and easy in memorization.
4. Play and Stop choices are offered to start and pause the recitation anytime.
5. Translation of the real implication of the hallowed verses into English and Urdu helps in better
6. Customize the 3 font style and 7 font size
7. 7 Customize outstanding Font Colors
8. MP3 Recitation – You can listen tilwat of of each Surah with Text Translation into Roman Arabic And
English (Transliteration) in voice of popular reciters.
9. Easily understandable User Interface along with eye-catching graphics.
10. Verse by verse transliteration
11. Save options let one to maintain and modify the made changes to Settings.
12. Beautiful Audio Recitation
13. One can also let others know about this useful app through different Sharing Platforms using Share

Email: alwali.peers@gmail.com

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