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UpdatedMay 10, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Review recorded footage from your Tesla (TeslaCam / Sentry Mode) with your phone

If you own a Tesla built after August of 2017 (AP 2.5+), the car can record footage from 3 different angles (as a DashCam feature), by plugging in a USB flash drive.

However, footage recorded by your Tesla is going to be organised in a way that is very hard and cumbersome to review, because all the files are split into many 1-minute videos, and all three cameras are saved in separate files.

This app lets you review recent and recorded clips in a well-organised manner, and all three angles are shown simultaneously on your screen.

All you need to do is plug in your flash drive into your android device (use an OTG adapter if necessary), open the app, and you can instantly review all the footage that was previously recorded by your Tesla.

You may then click on a video to save it on your phone and share it.

If you have never used the dashcam (TeslaCam) feature on your Tesla, here's how :

- Buy a USB thumbdrive (16+ GB, USB 3 recommended)
- Create a directory called TeslaCam
- Plug it in one of your car's front USB ports

And you should see a camera icon appear on your screen with a red dot.
If not, make sure your thumbdrive is formatted in FAT32.

Your car will keep the last 60 minutes of footage, plus any saved clips.
To save a clip from your car's screen, simply click on the camera icon, it will save the last 10 minutes and keep it.
You will then be able to review it with this app.

If you enable Sentry Mode on your car, it also saves clips when something interesting happens, even if the alarm didn't go off.

If you don't own an OTG adapter, here's one :

There is currently an issue with tesla software version 2019.16+. The videos recorded (using codec h.265) will not play with this app. Stay tuned for an update.