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GamesTest-amental APK
DeveloperAaron J. Williams
Version1.0.0 (3)
UpdatedMay 11, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateMay 07, 2019 (11 months ago)

Test your biblical knowledge and see how you rank among your friends now!

Test-amental is a memory verse and Bible trivia app.
-It has four different modes that are dedicated entirely to testing your memory of God's word.
-It also has a fifth mode called Trivia that is dedicated solely to testing your knowledge of the Biblical narrative.
-The four memory verse based modes include practice, easy, normal, and ministerial.
-Practice mode randomly picks a verse and displays the location and splits the verse up into a few different sections. These sections are then displayed in a random order and the user has to select the sections in the correct order to form the verse. If the solution is correct they get 100 points and move onto the next question. If the solution is incorrect the incorrect sections are remove.
-Easy mode is very similar in functionality to practice mode except there is a timer and incorrect solutions take away points and correct solutions give points. See screenshot for an example of what Easy mode looks like.
-Normal mode displays either a verse or the location of the verse and the gives three choices for either the corresponding verse or location. This mode also has a timer and takes away points if the solution is incorrect.
-Ministerial mode is the hardest mode as it requires the user to type in the verse that corresponds to the given verse location. If the solution is incorrect the round ends. If the solution is correct the timer resets and another location is displayed.
-These four memory verse based modes each have access to 500+ verses.
-Trivia mode also has a timer and randomly picks a question that has four choices.
-After each round a summary screen appears showing you data that includes your points for that round, current high score for that mode, the correct answer and your answer. The Trivia mode also shows where to find the location of the answer in the Bible.
-All of the data that is displayed in the summary screen is saved in the app under the History tab for reviewing at a later time.
-The app offers a global leader board and also a friend's leader board
-The friend's leader board allows you to add friends and see their high scores and total points for each game mode.
-Each round add or subtracts from your total points so don't get questions wrong.
-Creating an account is mandatory but also free. Doing so also saves your data to a server so that you can access your scores or history on any device that has the app installed.

Test-amental APK