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Dec 23, 2022

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Text Design - Fancy Text Lab APP

Text design and Fancy text generator brings you a lot of cool fonts and text style in a single app.

Text Art app or Style Text & Cool Font Maker is a free android app to create cool fancy text styles and to make stylish fonts effect and chat messengers with easy single touch tap share or using copy and paste.

How to use stylish text?
At the top select stylish text. Write your name or text of whatever you want in the text field. then click on right arrow and app converts into beautiful and cool looking font.

How to use Text Art Design?
Input your name/text to create decorative text inside the box. Scroll down and you will find many text arts just created with your input text.

How to use Text to Emoji?
Write your name/texts in the text field box. There is an option for Emoji heart is the default emoji. You can change that default emoji. Scroll down and you will see your text has been converted into emoji text.
Note: For better emoji text please use single emoji.

Game pro Names creator!
Fill your game name in the text box. Choose any symbol. For best name put one symbol at the start and one at the end of your name.

Repeat Me - Text Repeater
The Text Repeater feature repeats your text or word multiple times. Enter the number of times you want to repeat your text. Enter your text. In a second your text will be repeated. If you want to repeat line by line, tick the new line checkbox.

Text Designs
In text designs screen you will found pre built text of love welcome and more. You use these text by clicking copy button and use where you want.

Let's use and experience the application, make something great of your everyday conversations.
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