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If you type in a short sentence, it'll be long sentences and various functions!


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Feb 1, 2022
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Text Replace - Autocomplete App

The actual app supports English. [Use translator]
This app was developed by a single developer.

We send Kakao Talk, regular messages, used countries, messengers, SNS, etc. repeatedly.

1️⃣ : Uncomfortable with opening the clipboard even if it is stored on the clipboard 💢
2️⃣ : Account, telephone number, emoji, camoji, home address, hashtag, e-mail, etc. Uncomfortable with memory 💢
3️⃣ : Uncomfortable with memorizing but difficult to enter one by one 💢
(Especially, home addresses and accounts are long and complicated.)

I think that's the real inconvenience in our daily lives.

Easily complete all the terms, paragraphs, words, and writings that you need to memorize, whether they are repetitive or difficult to type in your daily life, or complex, with the AutoComplete app.

How to Use ✅
[Detailed description: https://cafe.naver.com/yeestudio/24]
1️⃣. Get access service rights after launching the app.
2️⃣. Register long sentences you want to shorten as reserved words.
3️⃣. After you close the app, enter the reserved word in other application fields such as Messenger and SNS.
4️⃣. It automatically changes to a long sentence registered.

I recommend it to people like you. ▼
📫 address
I think it's one of the annoying parts of memorizing and typing.
@address = [Kyunggi-do ***********]

💻 Signing up for membership
I think it's a bother to enter the same ID and email every time I sign up.
@id = [yeestudio13]
@email_kakao = [yeeseong@kakao.com]

💸 Account number
When a friend wants an account number, he or she can access the bank app or Toss and it is annoying to see.
@bank_IBK = [3333-3333-33-33333333 ○○ Bank]

📞 Phone number
@**Number = [010-2222-2222]

🏷 Hashtag
I think it is difficult to enter the initial repeating phrase and tag at the end of the app such as Facebook, Instagram, and blog.
@Tag = ['multiple tags']

🎮 game
You'll know that it's hard to type and chat while playing games.
Most smartphones have longer widths, so horizontal input is becoming difficult.
ex. Shorten Minecraft Command

📱 Link
Why don't you set the URL to be completed automatically when you're asked to do a bookmark, or when you don't remember it?
@naver => [https://www.naver.com/]

😀 When you want to use special characters, emoticons, insides, chamoji, font, etc. more easily

🅰 You can also use it to correct spelling. :D

申<=> When you want to use translation

🛠 Read and create [QR code, barcode]

💞 Automatically complete long sentences and sentences that are repetitive and difficult to type!
Try all of this without any functional limitations.

Privilege Description
1. Location Authority
ᄂ[Automatic: Location] As experimental tags were added, they were required.

2. File Read Write Permission
ᄂWrite backup files, read permissions.

3. Apps excluding sleep
ᄂWith the exception of power saving, faster autocomplete is possible.

4. Accessibility Authority
ᄂRead and write the text, so this is a necessary right.

5. Camera Privileges
ᄂRequired privilege to read QR code.

6. Internet Privileges
ᄂRequired for reading advertising and weather API

Personal information processing policy.

Guidance on accessibility.
The accessibility right is the right to recognize the text entered by the user and convert it into the text specified by the user.
It's the main function of automatic completion, so it's the authority you need to use.
It never collects or stores on the server, and remains only on your device.
Also, if you don't give me permission, you can't use the function, but you can give me permission later.
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