Exile Survival – Survive to fight the Gods again APK

You play as a young barbarian in seek of vengeance for his exile!

เวอร์ชัน0.22.0.1532 (1532)
อัปเดตเมื่อ10 ก.ย. 2563 (2 อาทิตย์ ก่อน)
นักพัฒนาซอฟต์แวร์Pride Games
ประเภทเกม, แอ็กชัน

It's been a long time since the disaster. The once flourishing world has turned into a desert. We did fall and it was hard. Apocalypse cataclysm exploded, covering every major city in death and bloody fog, the atmosphere became less and less livable with each passing day, the Earth’s light started to decay. You don’t remember who you are but you feel you are different. You woke up on an deserted island, no water or food, no clothes and only with a dull head and a heap of questions. You must survive by all means and get back... home? It won’t be easy so get going and try to find out who you are and what happened to the world! Find traces of a lost civilization and follow the trail of your biggest enemy!

The deserted island is inhabited by dangerous animals! Survival on the island has begun. Survival, crafting, building and hunting on the island! Play free and without the internet.

Survival game features:

These places are full of mysteries and secrets. Explore the wilderness and mysterious caves. Be careful! It's too dangerous here! You can find and collect rare resources. Explore caves on the island. Collect rare resources, craft tools and weapons, build a house in a desert! Try to survive!

Enjoy the newest version of high resolution graphics in 3D. Survival feels more real than ever. Just imagine suddenly finding a huge island with ancient animals. Survival simulator with the best 3D graphics is already here!

Apocalypse or desert island... anyway, you have to survive. You can craft weapons: an axe, a sword and a mace. They will help you to hunt for food and protect yourself in the fight. Craft weapons to survive! Mine resources and craft weapons you need to survive. Craft weapons: axe, pickaxe, spear, even ark and etc! The variety of food will let you dont starve. Crafting will help you to survive on the island. The best survival and craft is here! Enjoy survival island craft!

Survival games...this is not as easy as it seems. Be brave even if it’s your last day... This game enables you to create and craft more advanced resources for building facilities. If you like survival craft, this game is all you need! Explore new lands in all possible ways, you are now a true survivor. Build your own shelter on the island. Explore new places, craft tools, collect resources to build. Building a home is not an easy task on an island in the ocean lifeless desert! Do it right now!

There is not only hunting - but also taming wild animals in this island survival. There are donkeys and other extraordinary animals. Each animal has a distinct personality, temperament and individual character. It won't be easy to tame animals. Be brave!

The islands и the lands is inhabited by dangerous animals. Try to hunt animals, or animals will hunt you. This is very dangerous. Are you a hunter or a victim? Royal battle starts.

If you like survival games, you will like this game! Survival island, crafting, hunting and building. Enjoy the new survival simulator right now! What are you waiting for? Dangerous island is waiting for you!


Ability to swap weapons by double tap and "put on" button
Fixed problem when monsters and the player getting stuck
Fixed few bugs in building mode
Fixed bugs with payments
Fixed an error with resources unavailable for gathering
Fixed selection of items (now they are selected every time)
Improved factories now have new models
Fixed a number of critical errors

Email: help@pgstudio.io