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Dear Reader,
Welcome to the Aaradhya Sahitya Sangraha.
There are two ways you can store literature in an Aaradhya material collection. 1) Free Read: आराध्य अखंड साहित्य विशेषांक / आराध्य साहित्य सेतू विशेषांक / Aaradhya Immortal E-magazineArticles, Stories - Poems or Series 2) Printed copy in book form
The benefits of writing on an Aaradhya app:
I) Your story reaches readers in Maharashtra and across the country. And absolutely free.
II) In Aaradhya you get recognition and respect as a writer. From that we work to shape future writers.
III) Your story / poem in Aaradhya can also be printed in a directly printed book. You can get the opportunity to write in Aaradhya Diwali magazine and other issues even for free.
IV) Your writings are stored 101% tuff securely in Aaradhya. Also, since it is in pdf format, no one can copy or even download your writing. So you can stay calm and entrust the writing to us.
V) Your writing will also be available for you and other readers to read directly in Amazon.in book format. Then you can make your mark in the corners of the country.
VI) If you are a new member then this is your chance to do something. In Aaradhya, you can boldly say that you are a great writer / author, poet / poetess. Welcome to Aaradhya, we are proud to have you as the Author of Aaradhya.
1) Free Read: Article, Poem or Series: आराध्य अखंड साहित्य विशेषांक / आराध्य साहित्य सेतू विशेषांक / Aaradhya Immortal E-magazine :
In which the stories, articles, stories-poems, fine stories and series that you have sent will be published entirely on this app. You can read the article by clicking on the FREE READ : आराध्य अखंड साहित्य विशेषांक / आराध्य साहित्य सेतू विशेषांक / Aaradhya Immortal E-magazineicon in the Aaradhya app or by the author's literature list. In order to publish the story in free read on the app here, you need to send your story, poem or series in PDF format to the email address given below. Which we will publish for all readers to read on the app.
2) Printed copy in book form:
If you are interested in writing in our printed issue, you are most welcome. Your story / poem will be printed directly in the printed book. The book will be available for purchase on amazon.in. Now print your own writing in a printed book and get your own identity as a respected author. Part of your literature is that the first paragraph will only be visible to people on this app when you click on this number icon as your identity. The rest of the story will only be published in print. So what are you waiting for? Send us your writing now and become a writer.
You can send Pdf, Word soft copy or directly type in WhatsApp or email message to the email id given below.
Email: aaradhyaasahityasangraha@yahoo.com
Story Writing Rules:
1) Writing should not be copied by others, grammatical mistakes should be avoided.
3) If it is to be published in the form of a printed book; Write stories, poems according to the subject of your writing issue. Moreover, your writing will be published in the issue only after seeing the quality of your writing. This decision will be taken by a completely adorable committee. Otherwise the story will only be published on the app. Not in a printed book.
4) The maximum number of stories to be sent in a printed issue is 3 stories, you can send us an email according to the subject of the poem issue. If more stories are sent, the rest of the writing will be published in the next book or will be available in Free Read.
5) The book can be printed only if the story is sent within the stipulated period of printing the issue and submitting the story. Stories sent after the submission date cannot be published. It should be noted.
6) There is no limit to the amount of text sent for free read. All your writing will be available for readers to read here.
Congratulations and thank you very much for your further work on this app, for reading and writing