Deepstash: Key Ideas for Work APK

Deepstash: Key Ideas for Work


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แอป Deepstash: Key Ideas for Work


Deepstash is an app for building your personal knowledge library. It will help you discover new ideas, learn from your peers and boost your career.

Knowledge in Deepstash comes in the form of ideas, represented as little cards you can read at a glance. Ideas are short notes that condense profound thoughts into simple sentences. They could be: the best ideas from a book or article, inspiring quotes, practical tips on any topic. Each idea belongs to a topic, from #marketing to #leadership and #philosophy, which you can follow.

Ideas are created by Deepstash members, called stashers. Whenever a stasher reads a book article or listens to a podcast and they find a concept, a thought or quote that is worth saving, remembering and sharing, they will add an idea about it in Deepstash.

You'll find a large community of professionals that contribute ideas: developers, marketers, product managers and many more.

The magic of Deepstash is that everything you do builds your knowledge library: be it contributing  your own ideas or collecting idea cards from other stashes. Your Deepstash profile is an amazing way to show the world what you know and what your interests are.

Build your knowledge library

Stay on top of your industry by following the topics that interest you. Discover ideas from peers. Add your own research and thoughts. Everything you do in Deepstash adds to your knowledge library.

Convey your ideas

Share knowledge in small, meaningful chunks so that people get it. The Deepstash bite-sized idea format is great for knowledge transfer.

Follow topics you are passionate about

Discover and follow topics related to your work and hobbies, ranging from business, networking, or money, and all the way to communication, leadership, or problem solving.

Access your knowledge library anywhere

All the ideas you've stashed in Deepstash are accessible whenever you need a little inspiration or help to remember something you've read. You could be in a meeting or doing research or having a conversation, it's amazing to be able to find that thing you know but can't quite remember.

Learn something new everyday

Whenever you open Deepstash you'll find new ideas. Having a daily reading habit adds up quite quickly. With Deepstash, thanks to the idea format and recommendation engine, learning something new every day is quite realistic.

Create your own ideas

Add your own ideas, stash them in your knowledge library so you always have them at hand and share them with your friends and colleagues.

Why use it?

- Stay on top of your industry and boost your career.
- Start a daily reading habit, learn something new every day.
- Save time by reading the main ideas from an article, book or podcast.
- Show the world what you know through your Deepstash profile.
- Convey your thoughts quickly: sharing ideas from Deepstash instead of a link to some article, increases the chances people will actually read and get what you are sharing with them.
- Build your own knowledge library. Everything you do - stashing, liking, creating - expands your knowledge library.
- Everything you stash is available on any device, mobile or desktop, through Deepstash. Your knowledge library is with you, no matter where you go.
- Deepstash is ad-free and is used by over one million professionals across the world.

Remember: your profile shows the world what you know. Your interests and the impact the ideas you've published have on the community, your peers and teammates, are front and center. It's an easy and beautiful way to showcase your knowledge.

Give it a shot!