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About Ludo Fever application:

Ludo Fever is the best multiplayer online 3D ludo game with championship & virtual cash
Ludo Fever is the best online multiplayer ludo board game of tournaments and championships.Users can win lots of exciting prizes by participating in ludofever contests.
In Ludo Fever the game is designed in such a manner that it is associated with certain points for each movement of pawn. For each movement of pawn user will get 1 point, for dice rolling six -user will get extra 10 points, for killing opponent pawn user will get additional 25 points,for reaching each pawn home user will get extra 50 points, for winning match user will get extra 500 points. The winner will be decided by maximum points holder. Like wise the game is being made for entertainment and exlusive ludo pleasure." Ludo Fever " is the traditional game by offering features such as multiple modes to play on, which includes Local Mode (i.e Online Multiplayer (play against other players around the world) and Private Multiplayer (play against friends in private rooms). While, Ludo Fever has been very lucky in order to make it as big as it did; its popularity can also be attributed to its simple gameplay which requires little to no learning curve, as well as nostalgia that it induces. Most people have fond memories of playing Ludo while growing up either with their family or their friends; memories that Ludo invokes and hence endears itself to its players.
Ludo Fever is specially designed for ludo players who want to play with real players and participate in various contests like tournaments & championships. This board game is developed & designed to give an exciting and thrilling experience for the Ludo lovers. It is a user-friendly mobile application game specially designed for ludo lovers with new innovations, techniques, exciting and thrilling gaming experience. Ludo Fever is specially designed to feel the thrill of playing with real-time online players around the world.
* Real-time online players.
* Better online connectivity.
* User-friendly application.
* Improved gameplay.
* It is free for all.
* Designed for Android phones
* Invite friends & relatives, create a room and play.
* Excellent 3D graphics with the simple design.
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