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24 พ.ค. 2563
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Musi - Simple Music Streaming is a music streaming tool that offers users the chance to discover music from the comfort of their own cell phones.

Musi - Simple Music Streaming couldn't be easier to use: at the top, there are various categories into which all the music content is sorted: by popularity, genre or playlist. In the category sorted by popularity, you can access a list with the top, most streamed artists. As for the section for streaming by genre, songs are sorted by music genre, among which are: jazz, trap, pop, dancehall... In each category, there are free songs and remixes, available to enjoy at any moment and completely free.

As mentioned above, Musi - Simple Music Streaming also lets you create public and private playlists and share your new discoveries on your favorite social media or directly with one of your contacts. Additionally, the app also lets you play audio files that are already on your device, so it isn't only used for streaming, but also to play the music already on your device.

Musi - Simple Music Streaming is a good, inuitive app for listening to and discovering music for free.