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My Dino GAME

Your dream of having your own dinosaurs is coming true here. With the power of AR technology, mysterious dinosaurs are now alive again in 3D. Now step out and find the ones around your house. Catch and raise them with your phone. What’s more, the dinos you caught will be able to enhance your abilities. Use the strong power you hold on your hands and have epic battles with your enemies or friends with real-time strategies. Be the No.1 dinosaur trainer!

My Dino provides a whole new experience that can let you have close interaction with the dinosaurs that had lived in the mystery for million years. Your phone is the powerful weapon that can be used to catch those giant creatures you meet on your way from school or work. With your dino army, you will have the power to fight those outside enemies or match with friends. Conquer your enemies’ lands with your best strategies in this multiplayer dino world. Now step out and fulfill your dino destiny.

Let the dinos BACK ALIVE with AR!

Now with the power of AR, the dinos can be seen with your own eyes. Your house can be their playground and you will be able to have a close look at these creatures and play with them through the window of your phone.

Catching around your home

Find and catch the creatures at the locations you see in the real world with your own hands. Rare dinos or their eggs may just be around your place.

There is no end to evolve

Your dinos will keep growing up while you play with and raise them. Spend your time taking care of them and let them be stronger.

Constructing your dino-land

Build your dino’s home from scratch. Exploit the resources and place canons or arrow towers strategically to become stronger and defend outside attacks.

Make your conquering

It’s a world that only the strong ones survive. Use the power of your dino army to take the resource from others. Expand your landscape and aim to be the strongest!

Support: mydino-support@snail.com