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Surely, you have been playing ninja games and lego characters like everyone or you are still child and you like to play constructors? Or Want to try on a suit of toy bricks? Then here is big news for you that you can also become a lego ninja with this Ninja Photo Editor 2019 – Construction Toys app. This app with the help of awesome stickers will help you turn into a cool character or superhero from your favorite movies. With Ninja Photo Editor 2019 – Construction Toys you can design yourself in various ways such as If you want to become a “brick hair changer” then put brick hairstyle. Turn into brick boy, sharp ninja and strong night in easy steps. Just create a amazing ninja character, show it to your friends and family and have a lot of fun.

Main features of app are.
- Automatically take screen in landscape mode when you take photo in landscape mode.
- Flip the stickers
- Add the text, change font, change text color
- Easy move and scale the stickers with the help of fingers
- Delete the stickers
- Bring the selected sticker on top.
- Maintain your creation in gallery.
- Share your creation on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Change your hair style with various hair style with this Ninja hair color app. Moreover, not just being a boy hair changer, this Costume Ninja Construction Toys app also has superhero masks, hat stickers and many more customizations to create a lego character from you gallery photos. Install this new boy hair changer app because it's the best photo editor for boys and girls. This hair style app has some crazy haircuts and costume stickers and it's completely free to download and use. So don't wait any longer, install this Boy hair changer 2019.

What you can become with the help of this app stickers.

- Ninja movies costumes
-Boy and girl hair changer
-Create superhero ninja
- Photo editor for boys and girls
- Pirate costumes to become a pirate.
-Sailor's Costume to become a sailor
-Biker Costume to become a biker
-Super Hero Costume to become super hero
-Spider Suit to become spider man
-Soldier Costume to become brave soldier
-Fairy Costume to become a fairy man.
- King costume to become king of ninja world.

Install this app and give us your valuable feedback in order to improve our application, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.