Psychology Chat - Help in Psychologist role online APK

Psychology Chat - Help in Psychologist role online


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แอป Psychology Chat - Help in Psychologist role online

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Psychologist - a mobile application in which you can try yourself in a role as an aspiring psychologist in a chat. In order to try to help people - just follow the recommendations in the "Tips" section in the app.

• Understand the different situations and problems of people as therapy buddy
• Learn tips and develop social skills
• Develop a dialogue with a strangers in game format

➤ You can explore your talents in a helping role
➤ Get to know new people
➤ Learn how to establish communication as a aspiring psychologist

You can try a role of an aspiring psychologist or just new people finder who want to talk carefully and supportive. Psychology is a broad field of knowledge, and if you are looking for a psychology ap program - you can try to develop your social skills here. It's easy like psychology games.

• Communicate privately and anonymously
• Support authors as aspiring psychologists
• Follow tips to be therapy buddy and emotionally help people