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vRoot is the best application to boost speed, save and enhance battery life, improve performance of your android smartphone in a simple and unique way. vRoot not only save battery life of your smartphone, it also boosts your android device to its peak performance by keeping it smooth and lagging free.

vRoot shuts down the process of the power draining apps and settings to save power and improve battery health

You can choose speed booster to stop memory exhausting apps and setting app in one go and practically forget that you have vRoot is in your mobile. vRoot automatically start working by shutting down the apps & accelerate speed of your device. You will instantly feel the difference.

This app works effectively in both rooted and non-rooted android devices.

🔋Features :🔋

Speed Booster
vRoot scans all the running apps in your device and monitor the most memory exhausting apps and put them to sleep, which frees up RAM & speed up the device.

Battery Booster
Battery Booster shuts down the process of the power draining apps and settings to save power and improve battery health.

CPU cooler
When the screen is off, it automatically locks CPU (Processor) to the lowest possible frequency. This ensure huge battery saving. CPU "the brain of android" constantly computes many demanding tasks like updating apps, checking for software updates, etc. This computing power drains lots of battery and is used when you don't need it. That's why CPU frequency needs to be lowered when the screen is off. CPU Hibernation works effectively in an rooted android device.

Stability Booster/b>
You can select use Stability Booster to stop poor performing apps & settings running in the background, it clears up the memory & RAM which improve overall condition & stability of your device.

vRoot is single tap solution for all your battery and performance issues. Just one tap single time and leave all the battery or performance related problem on vRoot and just enjoy long last, lagging free Smartphone experience.

To support our hard work, this app have Ads and also a small purchase that Unlocks Extreme Booster. Support us to serve you even more better.

If you liked our app, please rate us to appreciate. If you have any query, complaint or suggestion related to the app, write us a mail. We will be more than happy to resolve any issue regarding the app for you.