Bring out the wild attack monster & savage bear inside you & satisfy your hunger



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Wild Grizzly Bear City Attack Sim 3D – Angry beast GAME

It is hunger and wild animal hunt Season!

The Angry wild panther Bears have gotten enough of people hunting grizzly bear down and they decided to go rogue, bear jump out of the jungle and attack crossy road gratis of city in this Wild grizzly bear city attack sim 3d ! Oh food monster warfare begun. The Rogue Bears are very angry and the bloody roar are mauling people all over the place! Take your trusty gun projector simulator and take down the Angry Wild beast!

Winter is fast approaching and the grizzly bear are looking for food monster warfare to keep it warm and also alive. The Wild beast has entered in idle city for Attack, this wild animal hunt sim is to hunt the tasty furry prey. What may seem like cute innocent grizzly bears out looking for some food,full of hunger they are actually very angry Wild beast that humankind is shooting them by the dozens with Speed and excitement ; turning this silent beast into a killing machine hunting adventure! In hunger panther bear simulator free Everyday people are being turned into prey as the angry rogue Bears viciously maul them on crossy road gratis of the streets in Wild grizzly bear city attack sim 3d.

WATCH OUT! There is a hunter, attack monster with a rifle looking for you, if you're not careful, he will kill you with gun. A projector simulator !

Mind your food monster warfare and a health indicator – if one of them drops, your chances to survive the winter would fell too. Eat plenty of food, satisfy your hunger, collect fat and be 3d ruler ready for action with wild animal hunt 3d adventure.

Wild grizzly bear is on your fingertips. Yes! Your real task is to hunt the tasty prey while you control the wild beast bears 3d City attack animations. Beware of the poles, hurdles and other obstacles which may hurt your 3d ruler hunger dream and you may lose your food monster warfare.

Wild grizzly bear city attack sim 3d features:

• hunger and hunt for citizens.
• Earn points to customize your grizzly bear as you want
• Opportunity to raise up your little cubs
• Free to Play!
• Simple controls
• Expansive 3D City Environment
• Detailed Animations
• Realistic Game play