Free the earth from the control of extraterrestrial beings



19 ก.ค. 2564

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XCOM Legends is a turn-based strategy game that gives you the chance to control a squad of up to five soldiers at a time. With them, you'll have to stand up to an alien threat throughout an extensive single-player campaign. You'll also be able to measure your forces against other players online thanks to the PvP mode, in which one of the two sides will be under the aliens' mind control.

The story mode in XCOM Legends will allow you to continue the story of the two previous titles of the saga. Twenty years have passed since the alien invasion, earth has a new lord and master, and you, the XCOM, are the last remaining rebel bastion on the entire planet. Fortunately, you'll have some familiar faces from the franchise who will return to help you in your titanic mission.

The combat system in XCOM Legends is a very simplified version of the combat that you can find in the two previous games of the saga. You'll be able to use elements for cover and move your units, but the space you'll have for this will be very, very limited. Likewise, each of your units will have several abilities and attacks, but with a slightly reduced complexity. Basically, instead of participating in huge half-hour-long battles like usual in XCOM, you'll participate in short battles lasting just one or two minutes.

Between battles, as usual, you'll be able to manage both your base of operations and your soldiers. You'll use a gacha system to acquire new recruits, which you'll be able to customize and level up as you go. Each type of recruit has a different range of skills, which can be more or less useful depending on the type of enemy you face.

XCOM Legends is an incredibly entertaining strategy game, which offers a different experience from what fans of the XCOM saga are used to. In other words, it's much more accessible and less demanding. Plus, the game has spectacular graphics that are just as good as what you'd find in XCOM2.