Thai Alphabet APK

Thai Alphabet learning to lead Thailand in basic reading and writing in Thai.

Version1.4.2 (16)
UpdatedJan 07, 2017 (4 years ago)
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Application has both read and write letters, Thai
The reading - vowels numbers.
      In reading application with a keypad, a consonant letter Thai. 44 characters from a. Chicken to Owl By pressing the button, it emits 44 sounds with the letters Thailand Press. Then there is a tonal language with Thai by 32 Vowel and 4 Tones. Thai with the diacritical marks in words. Number from 1-20 Thai
Add the sounds of animals and animal names.

Writing a number of
       In the practice of writing application with a stroke, according to a patch consonant Thailand. 44 characters from a. Chicken to Owl by dragging it to drag from the green to the red dot. A line drawn by another vowels 32 patches and a line drawn number 1-20.

Game Guess sound Thai consonant, Thai Vowel and Thai numbers.
       To help the remember of the players From the sound that comes out will have the option to 4 options to choose the correct answer to keep score, divided into 3 different competitionsThai consonant 44 sounds, vowel 32 sounds, Numbers 20 sounds
Add Guess animal Sounds

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