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Welcome to The 180 Mobile App. The first mobile tool of its kind that provides educators with proven strategies to help counter, re-direct and correct misbehavior in the academic setting. It is apractical resource for both professionals and non-professionals who engage at-risk youth on a recurring basis. From parents to counselors, the suggestive information within this app will helpchallenge an array of thinking distortions that lead to poor attitudes, underachievement, disciplinary referrals and eventual failure.Users of this app will be afforded information in the following areas:
• Classroom Management
• Conflict Resolution
• Hallway Management
• Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
• Cultural Competencies
• Positive Reinforcement
• Behavior Modification (In the Real World)
• Lunchroom Management
• Arrival to/Departure from School Management
• Effective Communication
• Counter Bully-ism
The jewel of this app is the “Ask the Expert” feature. This allows users to pose questions and seek solutions directly related to behavior scenarios they are currently experiencing. Not only willBehavior Specialist Raphael B. Johnson, M.A. respond but other (ie., principals, teachers, counselors, parents, etc.) will chime in from all over the world. This sets the tone for the first evermobile solution-based forum designed specifically to help troubled youth.Students can also get involved as users of The 180 Mobile App. They have their own leadership forum to pose questions, browse resources and lean on each other for support. All users share the“Success Cam” feature where they can document their successes (ie., graduation, classroom turnaround, student improvement, college acceptance, etc.) directly unto the app.The 180 Mobile App is a constant evolving tool that presents different approaches for new issues arising everyday. It is the ultimate companion to aid in the effort of moving today’s troubledyouth in a different direction. Users who purchase the app will receive a free gift bearing the words, “I Am 180” as a testament to their respective commitment of making a difference in theworld.
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