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Who said that appearance is not important. If you are used to cooking everyday, of course the delicacy and taste of food is the main thing. But if you often visit many restaurants, certainly a food presentation is also a plus for the buyers. Not only the aroma of food that can attract attention, but also the presentation of food or way of serving food can also increase your appetite. luxurious / expensive foods such as Beluga Caviar, Saffron, White Truffle, Kobe Beef if in the process and not using a good plating technique will be destructive and looks unattractive, then food plating is very necessary in the world of cooking

In the world of cooking, food serving techniques are also called the art of "Food Plating" or food plating art. The art of "Food Plating" is the way of arranging and serving food on a plate with respect to the position and composition of the food to show the value of art and high quality. Usually Plating art is mostly done by professional chef or celebrity chef who is trained and experienced.

in this application contains

food plating
photos of the art of plating
tips the art of plate Percent
food plating ideas
food plating tools
food plating tips
food plating designs
food plating trends 2017
food plating art
food plating basics
food plating techniques book
food plating composition

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