The Beaconeer™ APK

Beaconeer™ 7.0 sends GPS and a text message to a user-defined recipient list.

Version7.0 (7)
UpdatedJul 25, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperThe Beaconeer
CategoryApps, Communication

The Beaconeer™ is a safety communications app that everyone can use: Families, Workplaces, Church Security, and more!

Once logged in, user can press a red, yellow, or green "Beacon", to immediately send a text message and GPS location, to the phone numbers in an editable “Beacon List”.

User can send additional details to let friends, family, or co-workers know that you have encountered an at-risk situation and you need assistance. There are three editable Beacon List screens. Beacons can be received by Android and iPhones.

iPhone version will be available in October 2019.

How to Use:
When you first install, you will be asked to create a password. This is to prevent unauthorized users from viewing names and phone numbers in your Beacon Lists.

After initial installation, if you press any button - Red, Yellow, or Green - the Beaconeer™ won't execute any "Send" activity, since you haven't entered any phone numbers yet, in your Beacon List.

Go to "Edit Beacon List 1" and enter a number and name, such as your own! Save.

Then return to the Beaconeer™ Operations 1 Screen.

Your GPS location should display within 15 seconds.

We do not guarantee exact address display. Why? Because The Beaconeer™ relies upon the location sensor in your phone, which uses GPS satellites to determine location within a 105 ft radius. We have no control over the precision of GPS satellites!

Once GPS location displays, press any of the Beacon buttons, and your GPS location will be sent, along with the following status message, to your Beacon List members:

Code Red sends GPS location and a danger status message.

Code Yellow sends GPS location and a caution status message.

Code Green sends GPS location and a "situation under control" status

A Text Box, in the Beaconeer Operations Screen enables you to send additional details about your situation. Also include your exact address, if it is displaying incorrectly in the GPS label.

The Beaconeer™ is not recommended for youth under 18 years, without permission, guidance, and supervision of a parent or guardian. Parent(s) or guardian assumes all liability for use of The Beaconeer™ by a minor.

#KnownIssues: If you have the The Google Voice app on your phone, it will disrupt the "automated group 'Send' behavior of The Beaconeer™. You will need to disable Google Voice app, at least temporarily, if you are going to use The The Beaconeer™ , version 7.0

The GPS doesn't work in caves. Send a Beacon before you enter a cave.
The Beaconeer™ does not send Beacons to Toll Free numbers or landline numbers.

#KnownQuirks: The Phone Number Text Box can get "quirky" . If you enter a number like this: +1 919-123-456, it will reject it because of the "+" sign, too many spaces and non-numeric characters. Delete that "+" sign. Then copy the number, and paste it back into the Text Box. It should remove all punctuation, and SAVE.

What's New

SMS permissions approved by Google Play
Added "How to Use" button to Login Screen

Email: beaconeerus@gmail.com

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