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The Beaconeer™ APK

A GPS, Text Message, Alert App

Version21 (21)
UpdatedAug 21, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperTeach Preparedness Early Program by YES
CategoryApps, Communication

The Beaconeer™ sends text messages and GPS vicinity, to a user defined recipient list. Messages go to both Android and iPhones.

In a localized or personal at-risk event, the red, yellow, green “beacons”, when pressed, include an automatic incident status message.

Code Red indicates a danger status,
Code Yellow indicates a caution status
Code Green indicates situation under control.

Who can use The Beaconeer™? Everyone!
*Church Ushers, Greeters
* Storefront, Front Office Staff
* Camping to Car Breakdowns
* Medical Emergencies
​* Social Events
...and many more.​

The Beaconeer™ Co-Inventors are P.Kelly and F.Avery. We hope this app starts the conversation, with families, organizations such as churches, storefront staff, and everyone who faces daily situations where they experience a need to "proceed with caution" or feel they are in an "at-risk" environment. For more information about The Beaconeer™ visit
For proper function of The Beaconeer™, once downloaded you will need to go into your App Manager/Beaconeer/Permissions and enable access permission of Camera, Contacts, Phone, SMS, Storage, and Location Sensor
Basic Instructions

When you first open The Beaconeer™, the "Beacons" will not fire because you have no phone numbers entered or saved!

*Go to "Beacon List" and enter your phone number, as a "practice " number!

*Now, return to the Home Screen, and wait until the Latitude, Longitude, and Locality displays.

*Then click on the Red, Yellow, and Green beacons! You should receive successive status text messages, with your GPS location attached.

*In an actual situation, you should always follow -up the beacon discharges by sending additional information and details in the text message box.

*You can choose to include your GPS location , or not , when sending follow-up messages in the text box.

*The ideal situation is to de-escalate a Code Red down to a Code Green status!

*You can always add, edit, delete phone numbers and names in the "Beacon List"

*We recommend you have a discussion with those whom you want on your "Beacon List".

*You should always have their opt-in or permission.

*Discuss what your "protocol" or plan of action will be when your recipients receive a beacon message.

What's New

Updated .txt file name


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