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For creating all types of vehicle and asset inspection reports in Bynx.

The Bynx INSPECTION APP is a convenient and reliable tool for capturing valuable vehicle and asset inspection data, such as handover reports, safety checks and return inspections, which can then be brought into the fleet management system (Bynx) and made available throughout as required.

The app forms an integral part of the Bynx mobility management solution and can only be used in conjunction with version 12.8 or later.

However, if you are a Bynx user, the INSPECTION APP extends the capability of our popular Web Inspection App. As you may have found, it’s not always possible to access reliable WiFi or other communications networks when carrying out important inspections. And so this app supports offline checks by enabling the data to be collected and saved for later download into the mobility management system.

Why is asset inspection data so critical?
Your vehicles and other equipment are valuable business assets that must be maintained in good condition, regular inspections at key points ensure that. INSPECTION data is also required for safety and compliance in any fleet-based business. This app expands the Bynx solution capacity to help you stay compliant, which is an important feature of the product.

Bynx users will find the Inspection app familiar and easy to use. It’s similar to the Web Inspection App, the two are closely aligned in terms of workflow and user experience.

Different asset inspection types
App users can create different inspection types for different scenarios, such as: a new vehicle handover report, an asset safety compliance check or vehicle return inspection, for example.

The Bynx INSPECTION APP provides a graphical representation of the car so that all areas of damage (if there are any) can be recorded. A drop down menu allows the user to select the exact area on the vehicle plus type and severity of damage.

The app maintains a log for each individual asset and distinguishes between new and existing damage. It ensures the details and representation are identical in all platforms and on the printed report.

It also enables each inspection to be verified, processed and submitted (when online) or (if offline) saved to an ‘Inspections Pending List’ to be automatically submitted when back online.

Currently, this app is not intended for standalone use.


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