A fable about our chronic inability to do nothing COME WASTE YOUR TIME!

Version1.0.3 (6)
UpdatedNov 25, 2014 (6 years ago)
DeveloperONF / NFB
CategoryApps, Entertainment

When did we become incapable of doing nothing?
Whenever we have a moment, we pull out our mobile phone.
60% of people say they are dominated by time. And few claim to be at peace with it.

This interactive and mobile application makes us ponder over our chronic inability to do nothing. In the form of a philosophical and playful tale, this application blurs the boundaries between gaming and animation. We follow an ordinary yet endearing character as he leaves a medical examination, suspected to be suffering from the disease of the century: the cancer of time.

Created by Ko-op Mode, Dominic Turmel, Jean-François Nadeau and Stéphan Boucher, The Cancer of Time was incubated at the MIT with the participation of the Open Documentary Lab. This application is the first co-production between the NFB’s Interactive productions studio and France Télévisions’ Nouvelles Écritures.

Email: webmestre@onf.ca

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