This app contains the Divine Pymander by Hermes Trismegistus (1650).

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Hermes Trismegistus is the purported author of the Divine Pymander, and Hermetic Corpus, a series of sacred texts that are the basis of Hermeticism.

Hermes Trismegistus may be associated with the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. Greeks in the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt recognized the equivalence of Hermes and Thoth through the interpretatio graeca. Consequently, the two gods were worshiped as one, in what had been the Temple of Thoth in Khemenu, which was known in the Hellenistic period as Hermopolis.

In the Divine Pymander, is contained more true knowledge of God and Nature, than in all the Books in the World besides, except only Sacred Writ; And they that shall judiciously read it, and rightly understand it, may well be excused from reading many Books; the Authors of which, pretend so much to the knowledge of the Creator, and Creation.

Contents of this Hermes Trismegistus app include:
⚗ Preface
⚗ Hermes Trismegistus, His First Book
⚗ The Second Book, Called, Poemander
⚗ The Third Book, the Holy Sermon
⚗ The Fourth Book, Called the Key
⚗ The Fifth Book, That God is not Manifest, and Yet Most Manifest
⚗ The Sixth Book, That in God Alone is Good
⚗ The Seventh Book, His Secret Sermon in the Mount of Regeneration, Profession of Silence
⚗ The Eighth Book, the Greatest Evil in Man is the not Knowing God
⚗ The Ninth Book, a Universal Sermon to Asclepius
⚗ The Tenth Book, the Mind to Hermes
⚗ The Eleventh Book of the Common Mind, to Tat
⚗ The Twelfth Book, His Crater or Monas
⚗ The Thirteenth Book, of Sense and Understanding
⚗ The Fourteenth Book, of Operation and Sense
⚗ The Fifteenth Book, of Truth to His Son Tat
⚗ The Sixteenth Book, that None of the Things that Are Can Perish
⚗ The Seventeenth Book, to Asclepius, to be Truly Wise
⚗ Recommended Resources

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