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The application contains a lot of practical information about the evil eye and damage, it will help you how to remove the evil eye, and Vice versa - to bring damage. It is difficult to predict when it may be necessary to remove the evil eye from yourself or a loved one. Removal of damage and evil eye refers to the part of witchcraft, which should be familiar to everyone. Prayer and conspiracy will become reliable defenders of a person who has envious or enemies. Removing the evil eye and damage-not such a difficult thing. Each person is able to get rid of the negative program, if you follow all the rules of protective magic.

In the application you will find such topics about the evil eye and damage:
- Thursday's black salt-everything you wanted to know about it;
- Purification rites-get rid of negative energy;
- Dua from defacement and evil eye for devout Muslims!;
- How to find out whether there is damage on the person-diagnosis by signs;
- Prayer from the evil of enemies and damage — Higher power;
- How to find out who caused the damage and the evil eye — the calculations of the enemy;
- Symptoms of the evil eye — how to recognize and get rid of;
- Strong Orthodox prayers from the evil eye and spoilage;
- How to remove damage and evil eye on their own at home?;
- Removing the damage egg-independent struggle with magic;
- Damage death — how to remove or destroy enemies with magic?;
- Independent definition of damage by the egg — ceremonies check;
- How is the damage directed to blindness, and how to eliminate it?;
- Indication of whether the evil eye yawning during prayers?;
- Thursday's salt in folk medicine and magical rituals;
Death Kolchuga — spoiling the dead iron;
- How to remove the crown of celibacy and become a beloved wife;
- Crown of celibacy-signs in girls and men;
- Needles in the wall and other obvious ways to induce damage;
- Types of pads and their value - from damage to the magic of money;
- How to find a lining in the house and protect yourself from damage;
- Surahs from the Koran from the evil eye and damage the first remedy;
- The reading of the Quran from the evil eye and spoilage — Allah will always save you!;
- Remove the evil eye yourself at home;
- Prayer of Cyprian from the evil eye-there is salvation!;
- Means from the evil eye and damage-methods and amulets;
- Ayats from damage and evil eye — the Almighty will help you!;
- How to determine the evil eye or damage-effective rites;
- Remove the evil eye with egg and water can always be important details;
- How to remove damage to photos-techniques and tips;
- Removing the evil eye with matches-everyone can do it;
- Damage to failure — when everything goes wrong;
- Spoilage with a needle - how to put and how to remove the negative;
- Runes from damage and evil eye-protection, presented to the Universe;
- Damage to the enemy-ways to guide and recommendations;
- Damage to drinking — ways of treatment and diagnostics;
- Gypsy damage-how to protect yourself from evil magic?;
- Prayer from the evil eye and spoilage will save you from ailments and troubles;
- Prayer for spoilage and witchcraft-healing by faith;
- Damage to the opponent — get yourself a mistress;
- How to remove damage to work and business;
- Return damage to those who did — screw the evil-doer;
- Removal of damage in the Church-the mysteries of our ancestors;
- Life and condition after removal of damage;
- Removal of damage to the cemetery — how to return all evil;
- Prayer from the evil eye of the child-save the child from evil forces;
- How to protect the child from the evil eye and damage yourself?;
- Signs of damage to the family and ways to remove;
- How to remove her husband's damage and save the marriage yourself?;
- Is there damage and the evil eye slightly open a veil of secrecy;
- How to protect the house from damage and evil eye-fighting witches;

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