The Granny Neighbor: Horror Scream Mod Escape 2020 APK

Welcome to Ice Scream Granny And Branny Chapter 2: Horror Neighborhood Game.

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UpdatedApr 16, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperDoreegos Planet
CategoryGames, Adventure

Welcome to Ice Scream And Branny Chapter 2: Horror Neighborhood Game. This is a horror game chapter two and secrets of her neighbors creepy granny danny.
Ice Scream Branny Chapter 2: Horror Neighborhood mod granny version with special function of horror game, try to escape scary time in the horror house.

Grandpa and Granny scary can hear every little sounds around her so don't make a little sound at all, don't be scared, run fast to find a way to escape and get out of this horror house.
You must get out from the scary House in 5 days & done some obstacles and to make the escape from it.

Be rearly with all of the scary granny mods are on mobile in 2020:
Ice Scream Branny Chapter 2: Horror Neighborhood Game are best horror game version for you!
Inside Ice Scream Branny Chapter 2: Horror Neighborhood, you must have find all the keys hidden to open de lock doors, with lots of dangerous traps everywhere in house of granny and grandpa.

Download it now!

Ice Scream Granny Horror Chapter Neighborhood 2 Mod Alpha is out now! This mod is about our granny now become horror ice cream seller, just like rod. Granny and grandpa were inspired to become new kidnapper terror and they already kidnapped you and your neighbor.

You and your friends should find new way to get out from their house. Uncover their evil plan and crimes. Find anything usefull to fight, escape and run from both of them. You only have 7 day to escape and report them to police.

Why you should try to play Horror Ice Scream Granny Mod 2?
* Meet all new granny design inspired from scary ice cream man rod.
* New level design! It's mixed from branny granny and ice cream world.
* Functional and easy to play games with no bugs and problems (we do care about you and your experiences)
* New AI, van, puzzles and mysterious easter eggs you should find now!

Download and play now! Evil Ice Scream Granny Mod will make you experience many scary scenarios.

Email: doreegos.planet@gmail.com

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