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Aug 23, 2023

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The Granny Remake Horror Call APP

Welcome to the universe of darkness and horror in the holding and frigid game Granny Remake. This spine-shivering adventure happens inside an unwanted house, where the player regards themselves as caught and helpless before an unfeeling and unnerving presence 👹.

As the player character in the Granny Remake Mobile Game, you should explore through the shocking and desolate halls of the house, looking for pieces of information and addressing many-sided puzzles. Nonetheless, a considerable and persevering enemy 👹, known as Granny Remake, hides in the shadows, steadily looking for you. You want to outmaneuver and sidestep Granny while disentangling the dark privileged insights of the house 👹 to find an exit plan inside a period cutoff of five days.

👵👻 Who is Granny Remake 👻👵
Granny Remake is a spooky character known for her haunted house and chilling encounters. Now, you can interact with her in a whole new way through calls and video chats. The experience is so realistic that you'll feel like she's right there with you!

🎉🎉 Exciting Pranks and Jump Scares 🎉🎉
Prepare to be thrilled as you embark on a terrifying adventure with Scary Granny remake Call. Watch out for the unexpected jump scares that will leave you trembling with fear! Share the scares with your friends and watch their reactions.
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