Grade 12 The Heritage of Words all Chapters Summaries.

Heritage of Words all Chapters Summaries for Grade 12 Students.

This application covers all the chapters' summary of Heritage of Words in short and sweet. The Summary is Explain in-depth that class 12 English notes and important or frequently asked questions of the previous year are also covered in this App.

App Feature:
1. All Chapters Summaries Included
2. Clean Interface
3. Short Summary
4. No Ads
5. Asked Question, Important Questions and notes are Discussed in Summaries.
6. Easy to Read Summary
7. Easy to Remember

This app covers all the Chapters that NEB Question Ask. This app is developed for +2 appearing Students for easy to read a summary. All the chapters are based upon the “Heritage of Word” book itself.

Feel free to contact us to share your suggestion or if you have any problem regarding this app!

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What's New

Summaries Explain with Detail.
Grammar Mistake Fixed.
Bugs Fixed.
Easy to Read.
App Size Reduced.
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