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The HIT Times is Haldia Institute of Technology's official campus tabloid. Since its inception in 2013, THT has been at the forefront of the sea change in campus. We are a team driven by the desire to get people at the college on the same level and to help begin the conversations which otherwise would not be possible. In 2017 we are reinventing ourselves to cater to more and more people without the need to depend on the college for our publishing funds, and out of this labour of love has come The HIT TImes application.

Here's a quick glance at the features of The HIT Times app:

News in real time: The HIT Times aims to bring the news straight to your phones in as little time as possible. Currently the frequency of the updates is limited by time and space constraints but after the next round of recruitment, we will strive to make this your go to stop for campus news. For those interested in reporting, look out for the next round of THT recruitment!

Helpful Articles: With respect to the engineering community existing elsewhere in the country, The HIT Times believe our students need to be more aware of current trends, use their time to modernise their soft skills as well as technical skills. We aim to provide students to do this right on the app with hand picked content from all across the net as well as original content from our team.

Previous and future issues of The HIT Times: This app makes it possible for any HIT student, present or past to read every single issue ever published by The HIT Times.

Updates about events in college!

Notifications: Never miss another piece of news with the Firebase Cloud Messaging embedded notifications from The HIT Times.

Departmental Publications: The HIT Times has always been sensitive to the needs of the college and its students. We are aware that there is an acute fund crunch when trying to fund initiatives such as magazines or departmental publications, therefore we wish to allow each and every one to feature on this application. Contact our team at thehittimes@hithaldia.co.in or get in touch personally with any The HIT Times member and we will sort you out. We wish to reiterate our commitment to the student community by providing a free and reliable outsourcing method.

Carpe Canvas: We launched an initiative last year to feature individual HITian talent and this year we wish to renew with vigour this project because we wish to help the HIT family get to know itself better and understand its own potential. Carpe Canvas will be a feature on this application where student written features, drawings, paintings, cartoons and other outlets of creativity.

--------COMING SOON---------

Creation Center for other organisations!

Alumni Connect!

DNA Sense!

We at THT are extremely proud of the work that we do and it is a pleasure to present to you this application because it has been developed by a THT member, entirely by himself with some vital assistance from seniors.

It has always been our view that the talent within us is best utilised to uplift and help those around us. We are proud of the strong moral values and ideals of each and every THT member, especially those of our founders and the original THT team who are instrumental to this day in our decision making. As members of the student community in college, we believe in the greatest good of the greatest number and hence we have never earned any money from any of our activities in college and we never will either. We look at our fellow students as friends and human beings, not as financial resources to plunder, hoodwink and loot by trying to derive a profit from this community which we consider our family. We work tirelessly around the clock to make the ideal work and all we ask is that you take a moment to read.

Get started. Get moving. Be the change you wish to see in the people around you. And we are here as always, an impulse to your conscience.

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