Survive the Dinosaur Hunt in Pixel Jurassic Safari. Watch out for other Hunters!


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Oct 2, 2021
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The Hunt: Jurassic Craft World GAME

You have traveled back in the jura and paleo era and you lost a way to get back. Survive in the jurassic world of dinosaur predators and become a hunter!

This is not going to be a safari park drive. Now you came to their world and as a hunter you might have a feeling that you are the one being hunted. Carnivore dinosaurs as raptor and t-rex are as dangerous as you can imagine, while herbivore triceratops aren't as peaceful as you might have imagined. A second you get close to them, they will attack you.

Pick your character and shoot as many dinosaurs as you can. After you kill them, be sure to collect their remains and become the greatest hunter that survived the fight with these awesome but terrifying creatures. After you get the reward for the kill, you have to survive for a few seconds and after that you will have another addition in your trophy room. But watch out - in these few second, other players might want to kill you and get the trophy for themselves.

In the Jurassic Hunter Craft World your main objective is to collect as many trophies as you can and to try to prevent other players from collecting theirs. Open your chests regularly so that your weapons are stronger than the ones from your enemy hunters.

In the multiplayer you can connect and chat with your closest friends or see what kind of hunters people from all over the world are. You have traveled into beautiful world where lava is a common thing. Watch out so that you don't get burned.

***Jurassic Craft features***

- Worldwide multiplayer
- Unique amazing maps that you will fell in love at first sight. And new maps are already in the making, so we are sure you won’t be disappointed!
- Varied hunting and non-hunting weapons
- Weapon upgrades
- Chat mode is available so you can chat with your friends and colleagues during the game
- Team match and death match mode!
- Exciting experience that can really get you hooked!
- Amazing background music and sound effects
- Dinosaurs
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