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Choosing Women's Underwear According to Size

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When choosing underwear, especially underwear, there are many things that should be your consideration.
Sometimes, colors and models are the first thing to pay attention to when buying women's underwear. It's not wrong. Beautiful clothing models can indeed boost self-confidence. However, also pay attention to the ingredients. Healthy underwear can help reduce the risk of infection.
Underwear made from cotton is the best choice, both in terms of comfort and health. This material is soft, lightweight and very comfortable to use everyday. In addition, cotton can absorb sweat, which can reduce moisture and prevent the risk of health problems such as skin rashes and vaginal yeast infections.
Choosing underwear, whether it's a bra or panties, must be the right size, does not feel tight, also does not feel loose, Things to consider when choosing underwear. Narrow or oversized underwear can cause irritation. Pants in the type of G-string or thong, for example, does give the impression of being sexy and seductive. However, wearing it for a long time can have a negative impact on your vagina.
The friction produced by the G-string can trigger bacterial infections in the vaginal area because bacteria from the anus easily move to the vagina. If this bacterium enters the urethra, your risk of developing a urinary tract infection can increase.
If you sit more, choose the type of underwear that is the right size and wear clothes that are not too tight. This is because sitting position alone can increase the temperature around your female area. A moist vagina can be an ideal place for bacteria to breed.

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