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Oct 16, 2020

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The Life - Simulator & Simulation Games GAME

You are just an ordinary guy graduated from school at the beginning.

In the game you can:
-Date with models and movie stars;
-Buy luxury cars, buy luxury houses, buy a yacht, etc. and buy all kinds of things you want;
-Experience various occupations such as waiters, programmers, bankers, lawyers, judges, presidents, etc;
-Study courses in management, design, development, lawyers, economics, finance, stocks, investment, etc;
-Earn the first pot of gold through real estate and stock investment;
-You can also try your luck at the blackjack club;
-Form your own happy family.

Using good strategy games. Select your first business to make money and buy some foods and cooking for yourself, buy clothes to dress up yourself. You can make up and just makeover yourself to be a fashion guy;

To be a super guy and take good use of your spare time to get education include management, design, development, lawyer, economics, finance, stocks, trading, investing courses. So that you can constantly climb up the corporate ladder. Supermind games;

There are money and business games. Be a clever guy and make more money with money. If you already have some money you should learn about how to manage your money. The game provides you stocks market to manage your money. You could make more money in the stocks market with your courage and wisdom. There are four kinds of real estates for you to invest. Trade your stocks and real estates business successfully and become an investing landlord tycoon;

In this virtual world, you also could meet all kinds of incidents in parks and streets life real-life choice games; Sometimes you need some good luck in blackjack club and maybe you could make a miracle from casino games;

This is a love game and a family game. You can date with all kind of boys and find your boy and building your own family and have your own children be a mama in the texting games; Ensure physical and mental health of you and your families. Super funhouse and baby games;

Buys cars, houses and planes everything you wanted from zero to hero;
Constantly enter new fields, improve your position and make yourself an elite and enjoy the tap games for adults;

Go through all the challenges and become a tycoon and enjoy your bit life.

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