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The giver of sustenance (ArRazzaaq) is the One who creates sustenance

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Rezeki is divided into two, namely:
1. Zahir's provision, which is visible in the body, such as foodstuffs and other necessities.
2. The inner fortune, which is attached to the heart and soul.

Therefore, some scholars say that the benefactor is the Essence that gives the openness and openness of the soul. Others have said that the benefactor is the Essence which gives nutrition to the souls of the righteous with His taufik and Essence that illuminate the hearts of the elect with His righteousness. He gives tidings to the makrifat experts in realizing the meaning of sustenance, believing that only God is entitled to sustenance. like science.
Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani explains the meaning of God's Rescue (arRazzaaq) that the name of the Beneficent to God is attached before He created the heavens and the earth. The existence of the Providence means the existence of a living being, in the sense that when the Providence (God) creates His creatures, then the provision must reach their hands (source: Fath alBaari, 12/373)
Hatim Al-Asham was once asked, "What are your basic thoughts about Tawak?"
He replied, "My bottom line is four, that is, my diet will not be eaten by others, so I do not care about it. Amalku will not do other people, because I'm the one who does it. Death will come to me suddenly, then I have to prepare for his immediate needs, and fourth, I realize that I am in God's control, then I am ashamed of doing evil to him. "(Al-Baihaqi, AlJami li Sya'bil Faith)
Your Rezek has been determined by Allah SWT and will surely reach you in its time, since it has been set 50 thousand years before the creation of heaven and earth.
Prophet Muhammad said, "Allah has set everything 50 thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth." (Narrated by Muslim)
From this description, what do you believe? You should be sure that the One Who Gives and the Provider is God Almighty, there is no hope worthy of being reserved except only to the Almighty God.
Such beliefs have been taught by Prophet Muhammad SAW clearly to his ummah, namely through a child, named Ibn Abbas at the age of 9 years. Prophet Muhammad said to him
"O Ananda! When you ask, then ask Allah, and when you ask for help, then ask Allah. If you have a group of people gathering and want to benefit you, then that may not happen, because Allah Swt has determined other than you, if so, if there is a group of people gathering, and wanting to harm you, then that could be it does not happen, because Allah Swt has determined other than you, and you have no ability to avoid it. The pen has been removed and the ink is dry. "
Indeed, all people feel restless and anxious about the problem of sustenance because of sustenance as the death comes, only God knows it.

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