The Quest of Lala APK

Help Lala fight against the enemies to work through all 50 levels to rescue Lolo

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UpdatedMay 03, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperJinsoft Corp.
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The Great Devil kidnapped Lolo, and Lala has to work through all 50 Levels to rescue him.
Collect all of the Hearts to open the Treasure, then grab the Jewel to finish a level.

[Shoot Enemies]

Collecting certain Hearts will grant Lala 2 shots. Lala can hold more than 2 shots if she picks up the right Hearts. By shooting an enemy once, he turns them into an egg. The egg can be used in various ways, but will soon hatch, causing the enemy to respawn.

If Lala shoots an enemy twice (shoots it once, then shoots the egg) the enemy will fly off screen temporarily. After a short amount of time, the enemy will respawn at its original starting point.

[Use Eggs]

Lala can push an egg around freely as she would a Block, positioning it wherever needed. Eggs provide cover against enemy projectiles.

Eggs can also be pushed into water, and Lala can step onto them. Sometimes, they will sink on the spot, and other times they will float on a specific path before sinking. Use them to carry Lala to places she can't reach otherwise, or use them to cross over a 1-tile wide body of water.

D-Pad: Moves Lala
A: Use item or Shoot (if you have)
Select: Suicide/Restart
Start: Start game


These green snake-like creatures simply stay on the spot and are not harmful to the touch. They are mostly used as meat shields or eggs to float on across water.

This pink dragon remains dormant until Lala picks up the final Heart in a level. Once awakened, he will shoot fireballs at Lala if she walks in front of where he is facing. While the fireballs can be avoided, it is always best to make sure Gol is not in the way of getting the Jewel, or is at least blocked.

This green, hopping creature with big ears is quite a pain, as he will fall asleep as soon as he touches Lala. Once he falls asleep, there is no way to move him, which can easily screw you. Make him fall asleep strategically so he does not block your progress.

This grey shelled creature alternates between running and rolling, with the simple goal of running into Lala and killing him. Get away from him any way you can!

Thay are grey heads with snake hair that remain motionless, but will instantly kill Lala if she walks exposed in line with them(4 directions). Lala can use Blocks and other means to get safely past them.

Don Medusa:
They are pink creatures and exactly the same as Medusas, with the added threat of being able to patrol on a single line. Don Medusa will instantly kill Lala if she lines up exposed with him in 4 directions.

Skulls lay dormant until Lala picks up the final Heart in a level, then they wake up and quickly go after him. Seeing as how they are fast and difficult to avoid, it is always best to ensure that they are trapped from Lala's path to the Jewel before picking up the last heart.

This grey block-like creature bumbles around slowly, but can speed up if lined up with Lala. While touching him doesn’t kill Lala, his goal is to push you into other enemies or box you in somewhere, forcing you to restart.


Heart: All of these must be collected to open the Treasure and finish the level. Some Hearts give Lala 2 shots.

Treasure: When Lala picks up all of the Hearts, the Treasure will open and reveal a Jewel. It is important to note that Lala can walk on the Treasure like normal ground.

Door: When Lala collects the Jewel to end a level, the door will open. Enter the door to move on to the next level.

Arrow Block: Lala can walk through them if she is going the direction the arrow is pointing, or from the side.

Blocks: These green blocks can be pushed freely, but cannot be pulled. So getting one against a wall can get it stuck.

[Inventory](if collects enough Hearts to use)

Hammer: Break any Rock by walking up to it and pressing A.

Arrow: Change the direction of any Arrow Block by walking up to it and pressing A.

Bridge: Create a one-tile sized bridge by walking up to the water and pressing A.

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