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Popular people of the strange. Eat rat meat Especially rodents The people who have to go to the forest should have the sound of a hammer to the mouse to fix it. Just open the sound can call or connect the mouse to get out. The sound of the mouse in the form of sharp HD audio in the app has both. I love you Snake Mice And more

 There are 3 types of snakeheads in Thailand: B. bengalensis, B. indica and B. savilei. They are the largest in Thailand. The length of the nose to the tip of the tail up to 23-28 cm in weight 400-700 grams of females can breed for 4 months or more, while males age 6 months but the mouse is found only in Agricultural areas, such as rice fields, are only distributed from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia. Live in the hole on the dugout. There is a flake or dirt that is dug up and distributed around the table as a major pest to eat. Especially rice that is cooked. And also eat other animals in the fields such as crabs or cherry. Food However, when caught, the farmers will be consumed. The meat is delicious. There are hunting and selling in many areas.
# Bring the Rat to the Rat With the sound in HD, it definitely works.
# Can be connected to the mouse even when the screen is off or on. Very easy to use.
# Can set the tone of your favorite mouse to a call waiting to be cool.

Load test I have a good result indeed.

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