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Dec 15, 2021

The Spirit Of Wolf Game

"The night is scarlet, and the darkness is just its disguise."

The girl have been listening to her grandma humming this song since she was still a baby. On Catalina Island, everyone is very familiar with this song.

This is a world full of dangers, every race is trying their best to survive, but still there are constant conflicts. On Catalina Island, humans have built their own villages. For such fragile races as humans, sticking together is the best choice for survival. Fortunately, mankind has been in peace for centuries here.

Nevertheless, peace comes at a price. No one on Catalina Island goes out on a full moon night, because of the terrible creatures in that song.

At that night, the full moon hung in the cloudless sky. A huge wolf of spirit appeared outside the village. The little girl was sleepy when she suddenly heard someone calling her name - Lisa.
She was attracted to the calling and saw the wolf of spirit. For the first time in 12 years, she raised her head and saw the full moon...
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