With the SPOT App, view your SPOT messages, track progress, or monitor assets.


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Oct 28, 2020
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The SPOT App App

SPOT satellite devices provide GPS location-based messaging, emergency, and coordination with Search and Rescue and anti-theft alerting and tracking beyond the boundaries of cellular. The SPOT satellite technology, powered by Globalstar, has initiated over 7,000 rescues around the globe.

The SPOT App allows you to view messages sent from your SPOT device, track progress, or monitor assets.


• Display SPOT messages with GPS locations on a standard map, a satellite map, or hybrid map
• Filter your SPOT messages by date range, message type, or device type
• Easily zoom to the most recent SPOT message
• Select preferred GPS coordinate display format
• Option to auto-delete SPOT messages by time or quantity within the app. Auto-deleted messages are removed from the app but remain in your SPOT Mapping account for 3 years
• Set the frequency to check for new SPOT messages

*The SPOT App requires a SPOT account with an active SPOT satellite device and a Wi-Fi or data connection to view your SPOT messages. To learn more, visit FindMeSPOT.com.
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