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Are you looking for a great debate app? A social audio & video debate on various topics? A place where you can showcase your views and give insights? Well you surely need The Truth Debate!
Welcome to The Truth Debate where every opinion matters. President Trump…sexuality…illegal immigration…welfare reform…climate change…racism. These are just a few topics where people have very differing views.

Often when opposing thoughts are shared online, they become more of “I’m right, you’re wrong” attacks versus a healthy dialogue. The Truth Debate is a video sharing platform & debate app to allow us to discuss our beliefs in hopes of gaining a more tolerant perspective of each other’s views. But being tolerant certainly doesn’t mean we have to agree but we need to move beyond the combative “Us” versus “Them” exchanges. It’s a mix of give your opinion app & an online debate tool that you can make use of in many areas of life.

Is what’s true less about whether we’re right or wrong or how our belief in truth defines us – individually and culturally? Does ethnicity, economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious belief, or life experiences determine how each of us perceives truth? There are tons of categories to express your opinion. You can debate politics, or give insight about some local problem in your community. The possibilities are endless.

We want to hear from everyone wherever you fall on nature’s color palette. Whether you’re male, female or non-binary; pre-millennial, post-retirement or anywhere in between; Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, politically correct or incorrect; financially secure or struggling; heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender; a Christian who trusts Jesus is the only way to heaven or someone who believes there are multiple paths to the Promised Land, or if you’re an atheist, agnostic, or undecided; for gun control or strongly against; pro-life or pro-choice. Our diversity is a great asset but it also provides challenges. Whether we agree or disagree, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

When you’re done debating the serious side of life, head over to the Got Talent? outlet. If you can sing, dance or have some other skill, post a video. The top vote getters will be pinned to the outlets home page. So besides sharing thoughts, you can also share your talent!

We also realize for some daily life is a real challenge. Maybe you struggle with an addiction or a mental health issue; been bullied, abused or battle bulimia, anorexia, or body image concerns. You might wrestle with being accepted by a family member or experience discrimination. This may be a very dark period in your life but you are absolutely not alone. We can’t go back in time and start over but we can start to write a new chapter in our life. Whatever you battle, your past truth doesn’t define your future. As these areas are very personal issues, feel free to upload an audio file. Our hope is for this to also be a community of support. As such, we can also refer you to counselors if you’d like to confidentially talk with someone. Please use the contact form to get a hold of us.

☑️ free debate app to give video & audio insights and thoughts on different topics;
☑️ easy way to express thoughts and give insight;
☑️ excellent way to get opinions and listen to other people’s thoughts about topics you care about;
☑️ versatile categories to discuss;
☑️ no discrimination, open for all communities;
☑️ also share talent and interesting videos, the best are featured.

When you have thoughts to share & you are ready to debate, use The Truth Debate.
The only place Where Every Opinion Matters!
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Email: support@thetruthdebate.com

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