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Themattic is here to help you manage your installed CMThemes or find new ones!

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DeveloperKiriakos Kanatsaris
CategoryApps, Personalization

Themattic is only useful to people with root access and custom ROM that supports the CyanogenMod(CM) Theme Engine. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please leave.

Themattic does not contain any .apks. All items listed are references to items on Play Store or Cloud Storage.


Themattic is the ultimate app about CM Themes.

Through this app you can find new CM Themes that you can download, or manage your current ones, all in a fresh new way.

I hope you like your new Theme Manager called *Themattic!* :)



Design - Design inspired by the Google Material Design.

Listing - CyanogenMod's Theme Showcase only lists Themes, which sometimes can be confusing when someone submits more than one theme. Themattic lists Themes in Families, and Families in Authors. Users can totally interact with all the different Authors, Families or Themes easily as Themattic also supports XDA, Google+ and Play Store Developer profiles, Communities and all kinds of details and actions about each Author, Family or Theme.

Companion App support - Themers(Authors) like +Arz Bhatia and +Nikolai Prettner have developed Companion Apps for their themes, Veu(Arz) and ShiftUI(Nik). A Companion App usually manages the installation of multiple themes. Through Themattic you can launch companion apps or uninstall them or just get to their Play Store page at any time.

Authors - Each Author has it's own card which includes a list of all of the Authors Families, and allows the user to open the Authors Play Store, Google+ or XDA profile at any time or just send an email to the Author.

Families - Each Family has it's own screen, adapted to the Family colors, details and actions such as deleting, launching or opening Companion Apps in Play Store or opening Family Communities.

Themes - Each Theme belongs to a Family. Themes are only visible to Family screens and from there, users can manage those themes like uninstalling or applying them, copying their HEX Color Code directly, or launching them in Play Store.

Categories - Categories display all or some of the Themattic content in lists, those categories are Authors, Families, Installed Families, Dev Choice and maybe more in the future.


I cannot add any CM Themes without Themers' permissions.
Themattics' growing depends on Themers to submit their CM Themes.

Email: kiriakoskanatsaris@gmail.com

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