Feeling lonely? Therapy can be the answer; sooth your pain and find relaxation.

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Start the journey: Download the app. Get help. Talk to a professional. Share the burden. Become happy!

The road to happiness stretches before you, in a few simple steps:
1. Fill out a short survey about yourself, your difficulties and your preferences for therapy.
2. Register your email and choose a payment plan – at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face therapy!
3. Get paired with a licensed, experienced therapist.
4. Talk to your therapist for as much as you want, unlimited.
5. Get yourself better

What are you waiting for? Happiness awaits! Download the therapy app and see the change for yourself!

Find the perfect therapist

One of the first questions we get asked, is about the reliability and trustworthiness of our therapists. Who are they? How can I trust a counselor on the web with my deepest, darkest secrets?

We assure you: to become a therapist with us, the experts have to pass rigorous prerequisites and tests. All of our therapists have a degree (at least a master’s, some a PhD) and specialty: psychologists (PsyD/PhD), licensed professional counselors (LPC), clinical social workers (LCSW/LMSW) and marriage and family therapists (MFT). To provide therapy on our app, the experts must have at least 3 years of clinical experience.

All of our therapists are qualified by their state board to practice psychology and counseling. While experience and expertise vary, you are guaranteed to find a match. We have specialists on addiction, anxiety, depression and couples therapy; some of our therapists are members of the LGBTQ community, and some specialize in providing therapy to members of the community; others still are more spiritual and religious, and you will be paired with them if you so wish.

And the best part is that after being matched, and seeing for yourself if you connect to your therapy provider – you are free to switch therapists, at any time and at no extra cost – with no inconvenience to yourself. There’s nothing to lose here - give yourself renewed vigor and the power to live. Schedule therapy sessions as much as you need, whenever you need.

What you stand to benefit

Many problems of the spirit are difficult to face alone. Mental health is a delicate matter, and therapy is a proven way to defeat your demons and turn over a new leaf, of happiness and fulfillment. By turning to therapy on an app, you get rid of many of the difficulties of traditional therapy.

Anxiety will become a thing of the past, since there’s no need to leave your comfort zone. Consult a knowledgeable, experienced counselor – all from the comfort of your home and at a time you see fit. Depression is often so crippling that getting out of the house, driving to a therapist’s office, and meeting a new therapist in person seems impossible, and thus therapy is dismissed in lieu of an easier solution. That easier solution is here: find solace and reach inner peace, and slowly regain the confidence and life force of your young days.

Let Your Walls Down

Get ready – you’re beginning a journey to better yourself. Setting yourself on the path to happiness is never the easy choice, but it is always the healthy choice. Therapy has been proven, through countless research efforts, to be extremely efficient in battling mental illness and regaining mental health: combat addiction, eating disorders, depression and anxiety – win back your life. Download the Therapy app today and feel the power of professional mental health sessions.

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