ThingShow - ThingSpeak visualizer APK

ThingSpeak™ channel visualization and monitoring software.

Version2.19 (32)
UpdatedNov 24, 2020 (4 hours ago)
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To visualize charts ThingShow uses two methods you can choose from in main screen menu - ThingSpeak™ chart web API or MPAndroidChart library. The first one is used by default. Unfortunately it does not support zooming and only one chart can be shown at once. MPAndroidChart library allows to build multiple charts on single screen and supports zooming.

The channel ID and the API key is needed to open private channel.

To visualize public ThingSpeak™ channel ThingShow automatically embeds widgets from ThingSpeak™ website. It can be chart, gauge or any other type of widget including MATLAB Visualizations that is shown on a public page of the channel.

A virtual channel can be created to group different widgets from different channels on one screen. Just give it a name and choose widgets from channels that are already setup in ThingShow. It is also possible to change widgets order within a virtual channel. Local widgets such as Gauge, Lamp Indicator, Numeric Display or Channel Status Updates can be created on virtual channel using public or private channel's data.

Unnecessary widgets can be hidden for any channel type.

Any chart can be opened on a separate screen in details. Its options can be changed and stored locally including charts that are opened from homescreen widgets. This will not affect data stored on ThingSpeak™ server.
Any widget can also be opened on a separate screen.

Homescreen widget is very useful part of ThingShow that helps to view channel fields data without launching an application. One homescreen widget can show up to 8 fields from different channels. Each field can send notification when value threshold exceeded. To fit into homescreen widget space the field name can be changed locally.

What's New

Feature request: use font size setting in App Widget for the gauge value.
Feature request: add selectable time format for App Widget.
Minor fixes.
Fresh libraries.

Email: devinterestdev@gmail.com

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