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Thinking Skills; Using your Brain in the information Age;

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Thinking Skills are some of the most important skills one can learn today. The information age we live today demand our mental skills more than anything else, for example people in the Industrial Age went to work for their manual skills, today they go to work for their mental skills. That’s why strength in thinking is now the most valuable skill in whatever arena one will find himself.

Unfortunately, not many people are doing well when it comes to these critical skills, but the good news is that these skills can be learn, and with a small effort of at least learning one skill a week from this application, one can become well versed in using one's brain in our contemporary information age.

Some of the skills covered by Eric Garner includes:

1 What Are Thinking Skills?

1.1 The Potential of the Brain

1.2 Brain Power

1.3 Exploding the Myths

1.4 Brainworks

1.5 Brain not Brawn

1.6 Management Thinking

1.7 Thinking Matters

1.8 Key Points

2 Positive Thinking

2.1 Untrained Thinking

2.2 Distorted Thinking

2.3 Catastrophising

2.4 Confusion

2.5 Distraction

2.6 Yo-Yo Thinking

2.7 The Self-Image

2.8 Positive Re-Framing

2.9 Expecting the Best

2.10 Your Brain Wants Success

2.11 Key Points

3 Improve Your Memory

3.1 Synaesthesia

3.2 Landmarks

3.3 The Peg System

3.4 Rhymes

3.5 Mnemonics

3.6 Remembering People’s Names

3.7 Repetition

3.8 Key Points

4 Blocks to Thinking

4.1 Assumptions

4.2 See Things from Other Points Of View

4.3 Thinking and Doing

4.4 Get Rid Of Lazy Thinking Habits

4.5 Think like A Child

4.6 See the Detail As Well As the Big Picture

4.7 Think For Yourself

4.8 Time to Think

4.9 Key Points

5 Logical Thinking

5.1 Left-Brain Thinking

5.2 Right Brain Thinking

5.3 Managerial Thinking

5.4 Logical Thinking

5.5 SMART Goals

5.6 Systematic Planning

5.7 Using Information

5.8 The Limits of Information

5.9 Key Points

6 Creative Thinking

6.1 Think like A Child

6.2 Be More Curious

6.3 Play with Ideas

6.4 Make New Connections

6.5 Be A Little Illogical

6.6 Laugh More

6.7 Think Outside Your Limits

6.8 Key Points

7 Brainstorming

7.1 Brainstorming

7.2 A Brainstorming Session

7.3 An Example of Brainstorming: The Honey Pot

7.4 Brainwriting

7.5 Key Points

8 Decision-Taking

8.1 Time Them

8.2 Align Them

8.3 Balance Them

8.4 Act When You Have To

8.5 Use a Decision-Making Model

8.6 Instinct

8.7 Don’t Decide Without Acting

8.8 Keep Your Decision under Review

8.9 Key Points

9 Problem-Solving

9.1 The Problem with Problems

9.2 The Classical Approach

9.3 Do Nothing

9.4 Take Your Time

9.5 Sleep On It

9.6 Attack the Problem

9.7 Two Heads are Better than One

9.8 Occam’s Razor and the Five Whys

9.9 Key Points

And so on.

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