Third Eye Opening Spiritual Chakra Meditation APK

Unlock your internal potentials with the astral travel third eye opening app.

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The blind third eye-opening app has incredible content, powerful ancient methods, and remarkable binaural beats fully optimized to activate the third eye.

It is scientifically proven that binaural beats increase memory power, concentration power, and creativity of a person. The Embedded third eye activation music is compelling. Listen at least 30 minutes every day for the best results.

Benefits of Third Eye Blind Activation App:

1. Imagination and Creativity
2. Extraordinary Brain Power
3. Higher Consciousness
4. Psychic Powers and Empathy
5. Astral Travel
6. Lucid Dreaming
8. No Depression and Anxiety
9. You will be an attraction point for others
10. Able to Look into the Future
11. Better Mental Clarity
12. The universe obeys your orders
13. Improved Relations
14. Able to Control the Mind
15. Great help in Meditation
16. Master of spirituality
17. Knows the concept of the universe
18. Finds the solution to every problem
19. Improved power of interpretation
20. Better life decisions
21. Knows the higher/lower dimensions
22. Able to do anything you want
23. Knows the deeper meaning of Life

The contents of this app cannot be understood any more than you can understand a river. If you wish to experience the river, you must jump in. So it is with this third eye blind opening app.

Many things in here will confuse you. The confusion is not to be conquered. It does not result from a lack of knowledge. This confusion is a teacher that can teach you about yourself, your worlds, and the universe.

This app is designed to get spiritual awakening, the third eye activation, astral projection, and deeper meditation experience.

Anyone can use the methods given in this third eye blind activation app to awaken their third eye.

What's New

Meditation Music Added on the App

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