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Dec 9, 2017

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Three Bead GAME

The aim is to align all the three beads in a straight line. The first to this, will be the winner. 3X3 board will be given. Each player will have three beads.Player can drag his beads to change its position. When a player succeeds to align all his beads in a straight-line will get a point and will reach the next level. There are two options of playing this game. One is versus computer another one is player versus player. The higher the level difficulty will be increased.

**Game Features:**
- Unique AI opponents with increasing difficulty
- Single player and Multiplayer game
- Intelligent Computer Opponent
- Attractive Background and Beads
- Classic Look
- Fun playing
- Easy to play
- Different players will have different colors of breads
- Different sound system in different levels
- Multiplayer mode can be included. Can be through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or online
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