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Thrilling Rush In Tunnel 3D APK

Step into spaceship with a jetpack and get ready for the fantastic adventure.

Version1.0 (0)
UpdatedSep 15, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperGamegulu Studio
CategoryGames, Arcade

Step into your spaceship with a jetpack and a catapult and begin this marvelous journey! Just like a joyrider, abide at every beautiful place for a moment and finally driving to the brim of the world.
There is no need to focus on the accelerometer during crossing these funneled, spiral, sphere, twisted and rolling tracks, just to tilt and slope simultaneously to avoid obstacles.
Thrilling Rush In Tunnel 3D is an infinite and engaging game of spaceship tunnels. Just like hypnotized to see many different images of the environment: the hushed danzing, crossing the park with riders,
seeing hokey and chilling actions near the asylum, walking along the futile railroad for a exit, being addicted in a madness after having a rollercoaster, encounter coasters in the Horror Land,
repairing the glitch of Steam Factory, azul boulders and moy are tapped in the jungles of Jurassic, the pharaoh's tomb and tricky cops. All this is like a hypnosis and you may say something in trill: how magic!
Avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and gems to unlock new spaceships and reach a new level in Thrilling Rush In Tunnel 3D. Overcome your limits and challenge your friends by winning the highest score by taking
spaceships spaced in the 3D tunnel. With background music like duet, this is a perfect relaxation game for real fans of great challenges and for those looking for a simple and addictive game over time.
You don't have to rush, just keep moving at a tangible pace.
Have fun playing your records and challenging your friends to record hits.
Always face an ever different world from each other. Every new game will never be equal, you will never have the same match.
Have fun and passionate hours and hours of infinite gaming. Don't wait until tomorrow, download the game today and you are the lucky dog who conquers the game.


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