tigers live wallpapers APK

this application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of tigers live wallpapers

Version10.05 (1005)
UpdatedJun 04, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperDark cool wallpaper llc
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this application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of tigers live wallpapers set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone downloads tigers live wallpapers from our store page. we have the best collection of tigers live wallpapers. you can also download other live wallpaper in case you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, we had a vast lwp collection. zoologists have spent many years researching why do tigers have stripes and the reasoning seems to be the most obvious answer. live tiger background.

they cannot find another reason for the stripes other than the effect it has to camouflage the tiger with its background. tigers are hunters that need to hunt as often as possible to get enough meat into their system to survive. live tiger background. everything that they do is to help them catch food easier. this questions ropes into the fundamental question of “what do tigers eat” as well. in order to have the best chance to catch its prey, tigers will stay quiet and sneak up on their prey. this allows them to have the best chance of catching their prey.

if they can get within 30 feet of the animal, it will be within the range of a tigers deadly jumping ability. live tiger background. getting back to the question of why do tigers have stripes, it’s to help them get as close to their prey as they can without being spotted. their orange coloring helps them blend in with the grasses and ground covers, but they would stick out as a big orange ball. the black stripes break up the color and make them harder to spot. live tiger background. the insane hunting skills of a tiger mixed with a good camouflage pattern, make it very tough to beat in the jungle. most animals do not have a chance of surviving if a tiger is looking for lunch. why do tigers have stripes? tigers have stripes to blend in to their surroundings and have a better chance of catching their prey.

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